the oils

You've heard your mum, friend, co-worker, and your insta feed talk all about essential oils. instead of just brushing it off as a "phase", have you ever thought to wonder WHY so many people are making the switch? Trust me, it's awesome.

the blog

I got you covered! No need to worry about how to actually use these oils. I have tons of posts and videos to guide you along the way. 

the tribe

I would love you to be part of this #girlgang! It's actually one of my favourite parts! Check us out HERE & if you are ready to jump in, let's connect! I can't wait to meet you!  


Creating Community with Women Near & Far

A space that is devoted to connecting a #girlgang all around the globe. We are simply mothers, daughters, and just some pretty epic chicks that don’t allow location (or the juggle of daily life) get in the way. We have found a way (that works with our individual crazy lifestyles) to make this work online and through social media in a way that inspires and motivates us to live our best life, and simplify our worlds one day, conversation & connection at a time.